New Romantics

25 April 2013

Shakuhachi playsuit | Tony Bianco heels | Mimco bag | Forever New belt

This could quite possibly be the cutest little playsuit ever! I had my eye on this organza daisy print number for ages last season until I got it for Christmas. Since the cold weather is starting to kick in, I couldn't not dedicate a post to it before summer well and truly disappears. 

Flowers & Hide

23 April 2013

What happened to the sunshine?! The past few weeks have brought nothing but rain and it's been freezing cold too. Last time I checked it's not winter just yet! Given that I'm still wearing elements of my summer wardrobe though, it's probably not that cold, but I'm struggling to let go of the warm weather all the same. 

As it was such a nice day on Sunday (and after having to put up with seeing countless amounts of photos from fashion bloggers from Coachella all week long), I had the urge to wear this somewhat festival inspired outfit. It looks super cute paired with my colourful floral cuff and flower painted nails. Now all I need is for the sunshine to least for a little while I hope.

Ally Fashion top | Oneoneseven shorts | Windsor Smith boots | Natasha bag | My Island Home floral cuff | Low Luv hand cuff

Label Lust: Shakuhachi AW13 Parallel Lines

19 April 2013

This isn't the first time I've fallen in love with a Shakuhachi collection. It seems that I'm reliving spring/summer all over again when it comes to lusting after each and every piece in this collection. Shakuhachi's AW13 Parallel Lines sees texture and print clash together in perfect disarray. Block colours are combined with an eclectic mix of prints - yellow, tangerine and citrus with bandana, leopard and bold black-and-white stripes.  It's the perfect and unparalleled sleek 90's winter inspiration!  

MBFWA Favourites

17 April 2013

Alex Perry
Alice McCall
Bless'ed Are The Meek

These are some of my favourite looks from last week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I love all of these odd shapes and intricate patterns, particularly asymmetrical skirts, elaborate cut-outs and high split leg dresses. 

I couldn't not feature my favourite label Aje in this post. I love that they never fail to produce a range of well-crafted textures, perfect patterns and gorgeous fabrics in each of their collections. A-maz-ing!

MBFWA Street Style

13 April 2013

These are my favourite street style snaps from this week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I wish I could be there but instead I've been keeping up to date via social media and drooling over practically everything I've seen going down the runway. 

Photo credits:

Cookies & Cream

10 April 2013

Oneoneseven top | shorts via General Pants | Forever New sandals

I call this my cookies and cream top because it reminds me of oreos or cookies and cream ice-cream. It's super comfy and goes perfectly with a pair of denim cutoffs on a day like this when I'm savouring what's left of summer. The weather has been a lot cooler lately so I was happy to finally see some sunshine and warmth. 

These shots were taken in Brisbane last week when I was there visiting my family. Whenever I'm with my older sister she helps me with my hair and makeup (as seen in previous posts). This trip was no different and she did my hair for these photos. I love messy buns - I just can't recreate them. My attempt at this hairstyle the day after was an absolute joke. Hair's clearly not my forte.

Instagram @MelissaPaigeWu

7 April 2013

I thought I'd do an Instagram catch up post seeing as the last time I shared some of these little square shaped snaps of my day to day shenanigans was way back in December. 

Here's evidence of some of my most memorable moments of mass consumption when it comes to food intake this year. Easter is obviously always a killer given chocolate is just about my biggest weakness. I'm still recovering from chocolate overload! Chinese New Year also put my diet to death back in February when our family lunch redefined what I thought it was to feel full. Other favourites worth 'foodstagram-ing' include my ongoing obsession with daiquiri flavoured ice tea and and repeated ice-cream/frozen yoghurt dates. 

This element of my Instagram features anything that can be described as cute, adorable, sweet, pretty or by simply hash-tagging #love, and in this case mexican inspired trinket boxes and matching custom made bracelets too. 

This has almost become an art form in my books. Every Instagram contains numerous amounts of these and mine is (unashamedly) no exception. The beauty of these is that they're self-shot, enabling complete creative control when it comes to hiding everything you hate about your face. Unfortunately I still suck at getting a good shot, so when all else fails, it's time to give up and just hand the phone to someone else. 

There's no place like Instagram to show off a great outfit. I love taking photos when I'm all dressed up to go out. 

These are the rest of the pics that fill up my Instagram photo album. Lately, these have included a lot of travel related snaps from my trip to Beijing and Dubai, but can be anything from being silly with my family to channelling my inner Mexican! 
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