Guanajuato Photo Diary

31 May 2014

Of the many places I've travelled to around the world, Guanajuato will always be my favourite. It is unlike any other place I've been to and trust me, the photos don't do it justice. I'm obsessed with all the beautiful bright colours in Mexico and this little city takes colour to a whole new level. They're definitely not afraid of a coloured house in Guanajuato, or a coloured anything for that matter. With all those hues, it's hard not to feel happy all the time! 

My favourite thing about this city is the way the houses can be seen from a distance, sitting on the hills, each painted a different colour and built right next to each other. It's so pretty to look at and makes me wish I had a pretty pink house to call my own amongst what could be called a colour explosion. 

Unfortunately I didn't get much of a chance to get out in Mexico as I was focused on training and competition, but I did manage to go downtown to the local markets one afternoon. It wasn't as busy as it had been when I was there a few years ago, but it was still relatively lively and just as colourful as I remembered it. Most of these photos were taken from the markets. Everything about that place was incredibly vibrant and I bet anyone would have a hard time finding anything black or white in there (except for me, who ironically chose to wear black and white that day). 

Well these photos are a far cry from Sydney's autumn which I have sadly returned to, but at least the weather has been really warm for this time of year. I'm glad to have the opportunity to ease back into the cold weather. But on a positive note, seeing as tomorrow is the first day of winter, yay for outerwear and rugging up!

Tips & Trends: Cool clutches

16 May 2014

Currently obsessing over: cute clutches featuring witty slogans, all sorts of embroidery or embellishment, prints of the floral/graphic/leopard nature, or anything that is pink or blue. 

Pouches are the new statement bag and although they may not be big enough to hold all of a girl's most treasured items, you can be sure that they're cool enough to make up for it. I've always been a fan of totes and large handbags that hold almost anything and everything, but lately I've ditched them in favour of my handy crossbody bags and clutches. Smaller bags are way less bulky and are a convenient way to cull any unnecessary items weighing you down (goodbye perfume bottles, excessive makeup and useless stationary items - it won't hurt abandoning you to make a trip to the shops). 

But forgoing size doesn't have to mean compromising the beauty of a good bag. These clutches are some of my favourites and, despite their decreased dimensions, are just as amazingly perfect as those bigger in size. I couldn't choose between colours when it came to the brands I liked, so here they are in their respective sets. I'm torn!

Moschino good girl / bad girl clutch

Givenchy clutches

Kenzo pink and blue clutches

I'm particularly loving boho clutches at the moment. My favourite is the pink Simone Camille embellished clutch. They're a great way to add some colour and texture into the simplest of outfits. They're all so pretty that I may just have to invest in this trend! 

Wear your clutch to add a pop of colour or match it to another colour in your outfit. Clutches somehow look good with everything, so don't be afraid to clash your printed or coloured clutch with your outfit too! Check out how these bloggers style their amazing boho clutches.

Summer Getaway

13 May 2014

Summer Getaway

Chanel vintage bag Samantha Wills bracelet set | Schutz sandals | Céline sunglasses | Triangl bikini | 2020 Ave skirt | Jane Norman hat | Dior nail polish | KORA Organics tinted cream

Summer outfit inspiration for me while I'm in South America enjoying the sunshine. Hope this is helpful for those of you lucky enough to be going on holiday to a warm and sunny destination too!

San Juan Photo Diary

8 May 2014

So I'm currently living it up in sunny San Juan in Puerto Rico! Ok, so I'm not actually on holiday, but it sure feels like it at the moment. I'm actually here for a diving competition (Puerto Rico Grand Prix) and unfortunately there won't be much tanning happening. Even so, I took these photos from my hotel on one of the occasions I made it outside for some quiet relaxation. It's on the water, plus it has its own private beach. I laid on a day bed for a little bit but then naturally migrated to one of the very welcoming hammocks. It was so peaceful lying there in a bikini and sunglasses, closing my eyes and forgetting about everything for a brief period of time. This is my first time to Puerto Rico and it really is amazing. I'd love to come back here for a holiday someday but for the moment I wish I never had to leave!

Split Back Sweater

3 May 2014

BB Dakota sweater (similar here) | Motel skirt (similar here) | Jessica Buurman sandals | 10 Bells bag | Dogeared necklace | Zara bracelet

The cold weather has finally started to set in and there's just something about pulling on a cosy knit that's deeply comforting. I love sweaters because they can be thrown on with anything from shorts and jeans to skirts and dresses. A good quality knit is always a good idea in winter. Apart from being available in a variety of different colours, I never noticed much variation in them though until I clapped eyes on this amazing split back one. As Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect would say, "Reserved at the front, in the back!" I've paired it with a cute little skirt and sandals for a relaxed transeasonal look. 

Get my look:

                Guess                                         Noisy May                                                Wish                                                 Ladakh    

                       Cloth                                            Angel Biba                                   New Look                                     House of Cannon
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