Guanajuato Photo Diary

31 May 2014

Of the many places I've travelled to around the world, Guanajuato will always be my favourite. It is unlike any other place I've been to and trust me, the photos don't do it justice. I'm obsessed with all the beautiful bright colours in Mexico and this little city takes colour to a whole new level. They're definitely not afraid of a coloured house in Guanajuato, or a coloured anything for that matter. With all those hues, it's hard not to feel happy all the time! 

My favourite thing about this city is the way the houses can be seen from a distance, sitting on the hills, each painted a different colour and built right next to each other. It's so pretty to look at and makes me wish I had a pretty pink house to call my own amongst what could be called a colour explosion. 

Unfortunately I didn't get much of a chance to get out in Mexico as I was focused on training and competition, but I did manage to go downtown to the local markets one afternoon. It wasn't as busy as it had been when I was there a few years ago, but it was still relatively lively and just as colourful as I remembered it. Most of these photos were taken from the markets. Everything about that place was incredibly vibrant and I bet anyone would have a hard time finding anything black or white in there (except for me, who ironically chose to wear black and white that day). 

Well these photos are a far cry from Sydney's autumn which I have sadly returned to, but at least the weather has been really warm for this time of year. I'm glad to have the opportunity to ease back into the cold weather. But on a positive note, seeing as tomorrow is the first day of winter, yay for outerwear and rugging up!

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