San Juan Photo Diary

8 May 2014

So I'm currently living it up in sunny San Juan in Puerto Rico! Ok, so I'm not actually on holiday, but it sure feels like it at the moment. I'm actually here for a diving competition (Puerto Rico Grand Prix) and unfortunately there won't be much tanning happening. Even so, I took these photos from my hotel on one of the occasions I made it outside for some quiet relaxation. It's on the water, plus it has its own private beach. I laid on a day bed for a little bit but then naturally migrated to one of the very welcoming hammocks. It was so peaceful lying there in a bikini and sunglasses, closing my eyes and forgetting about everything for a brief period of time. This is my first time to Puerto Rico and it really is amazing. I'd love to come back here for a holiday someday but for the moment I wish I never had to leave!

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